About Us

Our Story

With over 15 years of experience, I have always had passion for the beauty industry.
Becoming a mother inspired me to use non toxic products that are beneficial for both our health and the environment.
I was lucky to be introduced to Medina by a mutual friend in March 2019.
Since then, we have hit it off as we share the same passion for beauty therapy and botanicals. I guess that’s what drew us together.




A boutique line of luxury skincare that is handmade by Medina Morin, a trained Beauty Therapist, with over 10 years experience in the skin and Beauty Industry.
The inspiration is drawn from the ancient city of Medina in Arabia embracing Beauty Rituals from a holistic perspective and promoting healthy and beautiful skin from active ORGANIC BOTANICAL ingredients mindfully sourced from exotic locations.


Currently producing micro batches of skincare from her beautiful Apothecary cottage (pictured) in Tolaga Bay, New Zealand.
All ingredients sourced are organic or eco certified. All hydrosols and floral waters are from wild crafted, hand picked distilled methods.
Medina welcomes everyone to see her workshop, Ingredients and practice, as she likes to showcase her workshop and be as transparent as possible.
Best of all? It is MADE IN NEW ZEALAND!


Aleph Beauty

People, planet and animal friendly.
This award winning make-up is precisely created from powerful active, natural ingredients, Aleph products work in harmony with skin at the cellular level. Nourishing, protecting and regenerating to deliver an impeccable, long-lasting finish.

You care about the world we live in. So do we. You deserve conscious makeup that chooses sustainable packaging, and cruelty free, vegan ingredients.


Aleph Beauty Ingredients

Enlightened beauty means making conscious, considered decisions. The intention is to create positive impact on the health and wellbeing of yourself, others and on the planet.

We have carefully selected every ingredient so that not only the products themselves are multi-functional but the ingredients are too. For example, we use Totarol as a natural preservative, but it also has amazing properties that reduce acne. The brown algae extract we use not only protects the skin from environmental stress, it's also regenerative of collagen.

We’ve infused our products with cellular energising ingredients to promote healthy vibrant skin as well as properties to protect from ever-increasing, damaging environmental factors.

We’ve chosen our ingredients with absolute care to be as ethical as possible, 100% cruelty-free, vegan, and people and planet friendly. We choose consciously so your conscience is clear.

Award winning, New Zealand made and owned.

Make-up of the future.